How can you uncover your french roots using DNA testing

You have taken a DNA test and in your results, there is this great – or not so great – french guy match.

Maybe this is a total surprise, as nobody ever told you about french roots.

Maybe you knew that once upon a time french immigrants came to settle in the United States of America, but where did they really come from ?

This match located in France could lead to new family stories, but you don’t know how to do genealogy in France.

This is where I can help

Combining french genealogy expertise and DNA testing knowledge

Working on french genealogy needs more than using french genealogical portals. I will help you by choosing the right place, on line or on site, choosing the right ressources to solve genealogical questions and following the papertrail together with the DNA clues.

Tracking your ancestors through traditional genealogy can be complicated, even more if you have to work on foreign grounds.

Using DNA tests makes the journey even more complicated.

Since 2014 I have been interested in genetic genealogy. I have attended conferences, webinars, I try and learn methodologies using my own DNA tests results. I give readers on this blog tips and explanations to help them make better use of their results. Through videos, published on the Geneatech Youtube channel or for Rootstech 2021 and 2022, I am sharing my experience with my audience.

Now, I want to help you answer your own questions regarding the french roots you discovered in your DNA tests results.

Getting to know each other in three steps

Getting in touch

Answer some basic questions

Video meeting

We meet at a time convenient for both of us through video. You explain your actual research, your questions, what you want to know

Analysis of your specific problem

I work with your test results to determine what is the best path to follow and find the first clues.

This first step is at least a 3 hours and followed by a written report

You choose how you want us to work together

I do the research

Following the plan and objectives we have fixed together after the first analysis, or after a day of research, I do the research for you.

After each day, I write a report about what I have found and what are the next possible steps

You do the research with a time to time help from me

If you read french and are willing to learn new skills, you can do the research, following the explanations I can give you at each step.

When you have a new question, we meet in video for one or two hours, we discuss et analyse your findings.